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There was this super hot girl at my work that I wanted to date, but she was so fucking quirky it seemed impossible to get her to go out with me. She would always have some bullshit excuse about an aunt or a dog that needed attending. Basically this girl had no idea she was a hot chick locked inside a nerd’s persona. She was letting her introverted ways get the best of her.

To get around all of her limitations I devised a sure fire plan. I was going to date her online. Totally online. Like we wouldn’t actually leave our respective houses. But first I needed to get her to create an account on so I could hookup with her on video chat.

I created a form where she would unwittingly fill out a profile for Amateur Match thinking she was signing up for a Cosmo Magazine sweepstakes. She took the bate and then I started sending her requests to chat via her Email she game Amateur Match.

She was a little nervous at first. Soon I had her eating out of my hand though. After several sessions of masturbation I suggested we have sex for real. It worked and I found out she was a total kink in bed!

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