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Oh man, are you guys seeing what I am seeing? I sure do hope so because if not I really should get some sleep. I’ve been up all night long and for once it was actually worth it. At the time I thought it was too good to be true but deep down you know that when someone tells you to join them for free sex chat, you don’t say it’s time for me to go to bed, you just say where and when?

That’s exactly what I did with this younger blonde girl and boy was I over the moon that I did. Her geeky side is one of the things that I like most about her. She is as cute as a button and those small tits and hot nipples would easily keep me busy for hours. Besides being a total cutie she is also so full of life.

During the time that I talked live with her on cam I had pleasure, fun, and just a good casual sex experience that I am going to cherish. By the time we ended our little play session the sun was coming up and I figured that while I was on a roll with sex chat cams I might as well see what else was on offer with a few of the other girls!

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And they didn’t just slap a pair of black framed glasses on her, those are her actual glasses. She’s of course no geeky at all considering that she’s a pornstar but she does pull the look off to perfection. Probably because she’s smoking hot!

I am still jealous about a mate of mine when I was in high school. I swear this guy has the best “I fucked a geek” story of anyone I have ever heard and i would have called bullshit if I wasn’t there. i was the one that had to keep an eye out in case someone was coming and they would get bust.

He had been flirting with the head librarian chick for quite some time. She wasn’t the prettiest but she was far from an ugly duckling and she was really sweet, but the typical introvert geek though. Glasses, longer dress than most, very shy and soft spoken and blushed at everything my friend said with a sheepish grin.

She also went to the same church as where we did, which coincidentally is where my friend fucked her. In the pews after Sunday school class. I kid you not.

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