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There was this super hot girl at my work that I wanted to date, but she was so fucking quirky it seemed impossible to get her to go out with me. She would always have some bullshit excuse about an aunt or a dog that needed attending. Basically this girl had no idea she was a hot chick locked inside a nerd’s persona. She was letting her introverted ways get the best of her.

To get around all of her limitations I devised a sure fire plan. I was going to date her online. Totally online. Like we wouldn’t actually leave our respective houses. But first I needed to get her to create an account on so I could hookup with her on video chat.

I created a form where she would unwittingly fill out a profile for Amateur Match thinking she was signing up for a Cosmo Magazine sweepstakes. She took the bate and then I started sending her requests to chat via her Email she game Amateur Match.

She was a little nervous at first. Soon I had her eating out of my hand though. After several sessions of masturbation I suggested we have sex for real. It worked and I found out she was a total kink in bed!

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nerdy blonde gives him a footjob while he eats her pussy

If you like nerdy girl porn and you like watching free sex videos you are really going to like the crisp HD videos on!

I first fell in love with nerdy girl sex videos when I dated a girl in high school that everybody was passing on. She was a hidden gem. Her hair was wrong, her clothes were wrong and she didn’t know how to do her makeup for shit. I hooked her up with a friend of mine that did have these skills down pat. After a mini-transformation she was one of the hottest girls on campus.

Being passed over for so long meant she was hornier than a toad on Tuesday. She needed a good solid cock inside her tightness. I was just the guy to give her the bone she so desperately needed.

Only she was a kinky bitch. She wanted me to rub oil into her feet while she wore a red pair of satin panties under her skirt. I could just make them out every once in a while if I moved her feet around to get the angle. Then she told me to take off my pants. When I asked her why it was so that she wouldn’t get oil all over them!

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find geekie girls that like to fuck owners of affiliate programs

That pussy is pretty fucking nice and it shaves nice and smooth. Those juicy tits look nice and lively with their puffy nipples. Sure she isn’t a total hottie, but that is how it goes when you are into girlie geeks. You get what you get and you learn to love it with all of your heart. It is the credo of dating a geek.

So how do you find a good geek and why do you want one of them chomping on your cock instead of a total hottie? Well, geeks can help you build out a dating affiliate network. They are smart and they don’t get in the way of progress. Often they are more dedicated than you will ever be in getting the job done.

Finding geeky girls is pretty simple. Just go to college and ask people where you can find a quiet place to study. It will be packed with them. They tend to congregate in libraries and they usually stay on campus to eat. Often they bring a sack lunch.

Signup to this dating affiliate program program. Then go out looking for a girl to help you manage it and motivate you to work harder. Soon you will be raking in cash and getting some friends with benefits sex.

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geek cam girl ready to fuck

While I was in high school it never really clicked in my mind that the geeky girls like AlexLady where much better at sex their their non-geeky counterparts. These girls like to study and they are perfectionists. They don’t hide behind blonde hair and ditsy bullshit. Perhaps that is why this little cutie is so fucking good at deep throating a fat dildo? Lots of study time!

Now you might be thinking to yourself, “Hmm, okay. So she sucks a mean cock and she does anal, $249 for a show is a fuck load of money!”

Don’t look at it like that because it ain’t like that, son. Not with this girl. She majored in economics. Her shows are set up so you just have to pay $8 to watch the show. This works out so right around thirty other guys would have to join you in tag-teaming this geeky cam whore. But there is always going to be that guy that puts up $25 or $50 because he wants the extra perks. So in the end perhaps twenty of you split the cost and have a wild time egging this girl on. Not only that, she also is using the psbill payment system to remove high risk transactions.

If you have ever been to a frat party when two chicks are drunk kissing you know what I am talking about when I say these group shows can get pretty fucking wild. Guys start taunting them into a frenzy of lust and soon the girls are naked looking for cock. It is the same thing on the Fap2Cams xxx chat cams. Things get whipped into a whirlwind of sex!

Try out this amateur webcam sex for free today!

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Sure as shit you can bet on the fact that this BBW geek wouldn’t be my first option when it comes to getting laid. However, that being said it doesn’t mean you should expect free bets on whether or not I would jerk off to her plump body. After all, isn’t that what fantasy is all about? Doing something outside of your comfort zone?

I bet you this girl is a lot of fun in bed. She will go forever on your cock because she has no idea when she will see another one again. Her polka dot bikini bottoms could hold a lot of your cum after you creampie her pussy!

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