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Hot Emo Selfies

So I have my eye on this super cute Emo girl that wears glasses. Ever since I was in middle school I have had a thing for chicks in glasses. I can’t explain it. All I know is they turn me on and that some time in high school I developed an obsession for alt, Emo, punk and Goth girls in glasses.

One thing about this girl seemed odd though. You know how when you look at most girls wearing glasses it distorts their face when you look through the lenses? Well, this girls didn’t do that. So I asked her about it and it turns out they are basically fake glasses!

That pissed me off at first, but then I started liking her again. We ended up fucking like rabbits. With her glasses on of course. Soon she was sending me selfies of her naked body in between dates. After a while though I got tired of that bitch and I decided to upload her photos to Now she is cross with me, but, fuck it!

Check out the Emo selfies and tell me if you think I made the right decision. Not that I give a fuck either way. I am banging her friend and her friend has prescription glasses. Boo yah!

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Candid photos of a nerdy girl

One of the many perks of being a member of the Premium GFs pass network is that you get sexy behind the scenes and real life candid photos like this one shot by the girls themselves. While Teen Lesley may clean up real nice for her photo shoots I think this photo states the obvious loud and clear: Lesley is a card carrying nerdy girl!

There are dozens of solo models in the network pass. With one password you can access all of the sites and there are no download restrictions. Each girls site updates weekly so you will have plenty of porn food to keep your balls full of cum.

Most of the girls have a similar nerd streak running through them. Another of my favorites is Little Summer. She is a total geek when it comes to sex, but I love her even more for it. You will fall in love with her too.

Check out more of Teen Lesley and her nerdy friends!

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Have you ever heard of Britney Blue? She is a new solo model on the Premium GFs network. You get 60+ sites for the price of one over there. Most of them are solo models like Britney Blue ranging from barely legal to their low twenties. I guess you could call them coeds.

Britney is nice because she is a bit of a wild one. She has baby blue eyes and a rocking teenage body. She does both hardcore and softcore. All of her teen sex videos come with pics so you can enjoy them all. Videos can also be downloaded or streamed live to your device.

As for her persuasion Britney is bisexual. She is also one of those girls people call trisexual because she is willing to try anything at least once. There are a lot of geeky girls in the network. Some way more geeky than Britney is.

Take the Premium GFs tour for free videos!

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The best part about geeky girls is they are more apt to want to role play in the bedroom. It is also why nerd cam girls are the most fun. They have kinky outfits for playing doctor, age play and all sorts of role play twists. These girls do all of the things a “babe” would never do and everything your wife “won’t” do for you.

This is just one example of the extreme lengths the people at Cams Shows are going for you in order to satisfy your deepest desires. They keep a stable of girls in dozens of categories so you can get what you want, when you want it. There is no such thing as the word no over there.

You can start chatting right now or tag girls you like that are offline and have them let you know when they get back. Members can watch the girls videos and view large photo sets the girls upload. In the member photos the girls get a lot more explicit too.

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114_dirtyanabella_2 114_dirtyanabella_3

I have to admit that the first time I fucked a girlie geek it was because she was easy pickings. She was in my photography class and she had this thing for black and white photography. I didn’t even give her the time of day because she looked so nerdy behind her glasses, ponytails, jacked up makeup and mismatched clothes. For a smart girl she sure didn’t know how to dress herself for shit.

One day she took a photo of herself without the makeup, her hair down and no glasses. Oh, and she was also wearing a bikini. The photo was in black and white. She had retouched her bikini to be in full color. It was red. I told her that her photo looked awesome. She flashed a smile that told me she took that to mean I thought she looked good in a bikini. Hell, she did look good in a bikini. So I fucked her. After two weeks I got her to dress correctly and do her makeup right. She kept the glasses. They made her look hot.

Now I am hooked on girls wearing glasses. I get all goo-goo gah-gah around them. I stutter and forget what I am thinking about. I lose my train of thought. Now I am the dork in the room!

So going online for girls like DirtyAnaBella helps me be a stud and get my brains fucked out by a hot girlie geek. You can look all around, but you aren’t going to find a better place to score true geeks than you will on her site. Chat live with hot girls on tonight!

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