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I have a thing for petite women. The smaller the better. I have a weight and height cutoff for my girls. I won’t even consider spending time with a woman that weighs over 110 pounds or that’s over 5’3”. I know it seems really mean, but we’re all entitled to our opinions. I just think they’re the hottest girls and the only ones I want to have sex with.

I’ve met nice girls that didn’t meet my qualifications and when we tried having sex I just couldn’t even get hard. There’s no reason to waste my time or hers. That’s just how I feel about it. I’m not saying that girls that weigh more than that should go on a diet to date me. That’s just wrong. I just want a girl that’s genetically smaller. Get this Tiny 4K discount for 41% off and you’ll see why I’m so obsessed with these little princesses. It’s fascinating to me that they are so small and can take such giant cocks.

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