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Natalia E Femjoy - Met Art Models

Before you set out to beat yourself off chew on this little bit of thought. When I was in high school I was thoroughly convinced that girls with meat curtains were sluts. I actually thought they had meat curtains because their pussies got all stretched out from fucking so much. I avoided eating out girls with a pastrami sandwich because I didn’t know if I was cleaning up somebodies mess or not.

For a nerd I was super stupid about all things having to do with sex. Before I graduated I made it a point to school myself in all things having to do with a woman’s anatomy where sex is involved.

Boy did I ever learn a thing or two. One of the first places I went when I needed to study up on the female genitalia is Met Art Models. The site has hundreds of thousands of sample photos of every model on the pay site. It is a good way to decide if they have girls that make your Johnson a happy camper before committing to buying a membership.

Natalia E is one of my favorite models on another site I went to often for reference material. Look at this Natalia E Femjoy page to see why. It has dozens of her sets. They also do this for all of the other models there.

Don’t be a douche like me. All girls are different. It is one of the things that makes putting your hand down a girls panties so fun!

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