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I know what you guys are thinking about and I have to admit that she is one really HOT babe. Just look at this shorty… isn’t she just fine? Her perfect round ass is resting as her delicious boobs can’t wait to get out of that bra. They are not the biggest boobs we’ve seen, but they will do just fine. I had a couple of private cam shows with her on videarn.com and it has been loads of fun. You guys can;t believe how happy I am that I found this girl… she’s definitely my type.

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Some girls like Cheyenne Jewel and Hooy Hay make for the ultimate geek girl sex. Lots of porn stars throw on a set of glasses and try to play the part, but these girls deliver. They aren’t acting. We all know they can’t act anyway. They are true geeks!

Now it is time to really geek out by setting up your TV to stream porn. How? With a FyreTV.com account and a set top box like the Boxee or an Apple TV. With both of those in place you will be watching your favorite nudies in no time.

All of the sexiest porn stars are in the FyreTV library just waiting for you to come and access them. You can even use the service on your other video devices like your mobile phone or your iPad. This service is by far the best friend a geek could ever have.

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Asian Girlie Geek For Schoolgirl Cam Sex

Asian Girlie Geek For Schoolgirl Cam Sex

Azumi20 grew up a whore for technology. She would do anything to get the latest smart phone or a laptop computer. It isn’t too much of a shocker that she would notice the webcam embedded into her laptop. Soon she was online broadcasting herself to guys around the world.

Now this Asian geek is sharing herself and she needs a guy like you to keep her company. She is so tired of jocks and guys that are stuck up on themselves. She wants somebody to talk to that is just as big of a geek as she is. This is where the Internet is going to make you a star, bro!

Believe it or not webcams are perfect for guys like you. If you can manage to string a sentence together without looking like a total douche you can get girls to think you are tall, dark and handsome. Just be sure to play to their geeky side as well. You don’t want them thinking you are too much of a jock.

Chat now with hundreds of Asian cam sex girls!

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Talk to Princess Zoey about anything you have on your mind

While I like the idea of being able to talk to a perfect 10 on a live phone sex chat line I prefer to talk to girls like Princess Zoey that I feel I can connect with on a higher level.

Zoey grew up being a bit of a geek. When introduced to social situations she always acted strangely. I can relate to that. I am still that way when it comes to large groups.

With live phone sex you can let loose. It is your time to say, act and do the things you normally attributed to the popular kids at school. You can be more confident and play a role that goes against the grain of who you are on the outside. Phone sex allows you to express who you are on the inside!

Talk to Princess Zoey about anything you have on your mind

Zoey’s friends from school would have hard time recognizing her now. My how she has grown!

You can grow right along with her. You can even try to stump her and see if you can come up with some so out of this world she is left speechless. I have tried, but this girl is sharp as a tack.

The first thing you will notice when talking to Princess Zoey is how easy it is to converse with with her. She knows what it was like to be a geek back in the day. She also knows just how to bring out the animal in you.

Join the phone sex newsletter in the Rewards Club on PrincessPhoneSex.com to get extended bio’s and picture galleries of the girls. You will also receive super kinky stories inspired by calls the girls recount from their past. Members are also able to win Free minutes or take part in special promotions.

Have a great time with a great girl on the only live phone sex lines that give you unmatched access to the girls, Princess Phone Sex!

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Taylor True porn site review on PornTips.com

Try as she might Taylor True is having a hard time trying to shake her geeky image. She grew up wearing glasses and outperforming the boys in her math classes. Guys were intimidated by her. They had no idea that on the inside she was a slut. She wanted to be like the popular girls and suck boys off, but nobody wanted to date her.

Then she turned eighteen years old and the idea hit her like a ton of bricks. What if she created an online persona where she could act out all of the kinky things she had going on in her dirty little mind? Like a spreading wildfire the news of her website traveled all over school. She debated waiting to graduate before putting herself online, but the excitement was too much for her. Now everybody was talking about the slut with blonde hair and glasses. Instead of being upset at being called a slut, Taylor wore it like a badge of courage!

Watch her live webcam show each week and tell this little cutie how daddy wants it done.

There are over 100 solo model reviews on PornTips.com. Each review gives you the insider info gleaned from the members area. You can sort the reviews alphabetically, by price, by date and by overall score. Often Porn Tips will negotiate a porn site discount on your behalf so keep going back to see if your favorite site can be found at a cheaper rate.

Find more good porn site reviews on Porn Tips!

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Cute brunette Madelyn Monroe lets out her geek side in this porn video. Wearing glasses this petite pornstar looks both sexy and geeky at the same time, one of my favorite combinations. I love her petite body and she love taking a big cock in her little bald pussy as you can see in this video. Watch her as she lays on her back getting fucked by this lucky guy. She has one of the most smooth pussies I have ever seen. Getting her pussy fucked hard she loves. I just wish I had a geek girlfriend like this 🙂 I bet you feel bad for taking the piss out of geeks back in high school now!

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Being a school instructor in sports can be quite rewarding. Imagine you have few girls in your class and some of them are really stupid as fuck to do same basics in sport. Well you can invite them to your office and gives them a chance to prove how much they want to pass this school year. They are young so you can be pretty sure they will be willing to do what ever you want.

18 years old brunette Pauline has F from sports. She needs to fix it quickly. What’s her surprise when her sports teacher orders her to undress. Pauline likes him so she is not afraid at all. He bends her over a table and spanks her ass a little. This teen likes it a lot. Guy doesn’t wait for some permission and starts to fuck this teen however he wants. Pauline just do what he wants. She needs these grades a lot. When they are finished she takes cumshot on her belly. She earned A from sports.

Visit stream porn tube AyePorn.com to watch such videos with teenage schoolgirls!

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Natalia E Femjoy - Met Art Models

Before you set out to beat yourself off chew on this little bit of thought. When I was in high school I was thoroughly convinced that girls with meat curtains were sluts. I actually thought they had meat curtains because their pussies got all stretched out from fucking so much. I avoided eating out girls with a pastrami sandwich because I didn’t know if I was cleaning up somebodies mess or not.

For a nerd I was super stupid about all things having to do with sex. Before I graduated I made it a point to school myself in all things having to do with a woman’s anatomy where sex is involved.

Boy did I ever learn a thing or two. One of the first places I went when I needed to study up on the female genitalia is Met Art Models. The site has hundreds of thousands of sample photos of every model on the pay site. It is a good way to decide if they have girls that make your Johnson a happy camper before committing to buying a membership.

Natalia E is one of my favorite models on another site I went to often for reference material. Look at this Natalia E Femjoy page to see why. It has dozens of her sets. They also do this for all of the other models there.

Don’t be a douche like me. All girls are different. It is one of the things that makes putting your hand down a girls panties so fun!

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We are all geeks at heart. Even the most benign Republican will be awed by a technologically advanced car, smart phone or some other gadget that costs an arm and a leg. Porn has plenty of room for girlie geeks like the one above. But they all have to start somewhere. For most that foot in the door will be a porn casting couch.

Lots of sites have porn videos shot in HD, but none of them have girls willing to go as far to get the part as the ones here will. This is their one chance to make a good first impression. I’d have to say most of them pass with flying colors. Even the ones not ready for primetime make for good porn.

Get unlimited access to the whacky world of porn casting interviews. See the girls in all of their naïve beauty. These are girls you actually have a chance with. Glean good information from the videos on what these girls are interested in. See what lines work well and bring out their spunky mood. Who knows? You just might plaster one of them with your own spunk!

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Naked Cams

A lot of the geeky girls I have posted about in the past were all a bit on the skinny side. Today I am going to talk a little about DinaSky and her curvaceous body. While there are lots of homely geeks that are rail thin, there are many more that have bodies able to excite the typical male response in you. They have boobs and a bubble booty capable of peaking your instinctual desire to nuzzle their tits and grip that booty!

The funny thing about the geeks is they are often the biggest sluts. Dina might look soft and submissive on the outside, but she is a total freak in the bed. She has a pussy piercing, she loved role playing and she is very into bondage. I bet all of the guys at the office have no idea the sexy secretary with the big phat booty is double timing as a BDSM slut.

You will find a lot of girls like Dina on NeedGirl.com. All of them have their own hidden secrets. Get them to remove their clothes and show you what they are hiding for their lovers only. Having naughty chats with coeds on Naked cams is a fun way to spend your evening and not have to worry about kicking her out in the morning. Enjoy!

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I love seeing geeky girls on webcams because it is like a big slap in the face to all of those mean girls back in high school that said this girl would never amount to anything. Particularly in the bed. Ha!

As it turns out the geeky girls are quite popular on live webcam sites. They can do gold shows where they receive tips from dozens, if not hundreds, of guys (and a few girls). In these shows they make a ton of money, but you don’t have to be pay it all yourself. You only have to tip her $1 and you get to see the whole show. Don’t worry about her making the quota. Either another guy will tip her the rest to get the show started, or she will figure $125 is close enough to $150 to go ahead and do the show anyway.


As you can see, the closer the show gets to starting the less clothes she will end up having on. Look at that counter. It is spinning like mad as this hot redhead shows off more of her sexy body.


Just like that this show is off to the races!

Watch live webcams for super cheap on CamTub.com!

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Asian girlie geeks are the best girlie geeks in the world. There is something intoxicating about their spunky attitude and their desire to try new things. No doors are locked with these little sluts in training. Being an Asian slut requires a lot of on the job training. Do you want to teach this kinky Asian schoolgirl how to deep throat or how to take it in the ass?

The beauty about online cams is you can do things that would normally be outside of your comfort zone. Suddenly a quiet wallflower kind of guy can become a dirty talker. Girls that are normally shy about their sexuality get very comfortable with sharing their sex. Be the one she shares it with.

No matter what your favorite type is they have plenty of them on these live sex cams. Being a member means you can tag your favorite models and get updates when they are online. You can also look at their nasty photos galleries and videos. That way you can get your rocks off with your favorite girls even when they are offline.

You have nothing to lose and this girl is hungry for some cock. This is one occasion where you are allowed to feed the animals!

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It is odd how the geeky girls always end up being the freaky girls. Issa Mai from Zishy is no exception. She has a killer body that will slay your heart. Her face is beautiful. Her camel toe pics are too die for!

You don’t have to die to get these pics though. In fact, it won’t even cost you an arm or a leg. Zishy is so cheap it is almost free. For less than the price of one months membership at those other guys you can receive an entire year of Zishy.com updates!

So tell me again why you are not surfing their massive archive of free photos instead of sitting here?

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One of my favorite geek porn stars is named Maddy O’Reilly. She often dresses up in a secretary outfit or some schoolgirl slut uniform and enjoys getting banged from the back. The nice thing about banging a girl from the back is that you can accidentally slip it up her ass crack and see if she likes it!

I didn’t have to go all willy-nilly all over the Internet to find a video of this geeky girl. Pretty much every hot teens fucking video can be found on one site. It is literally loaded with teen sex movies. All of them are free to watch and come from a variety of sources.

Stop hunting and start stroking!

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Every guy with a Wired magazine subscription or an obsession with electronic gear dreams of having sex with a female geek like the babe in this jerkoff instruction video. Some even fantasize about just getting the instruction, no physical contact involved. I know I do!

My love of geeks was born when I had a teacher in school that wore glasses and looked hotter than fuck. She was in her twenties and she taught science. We all wanted to bang her, but the geeks of the school felt as though they should have first dibs with her being one of their own.

Later on I met a girl in college that was younger than me, but thought she was older than everybody on account of her being so darn smart. She also wore glasses.

One night we were the remaining ones still up after a party and she asked me if I wanted to find a vacant room. Once inside she asked me to get naked. I quickly removed my clothes and looked up to find her still clothed. She told me to lie down on the bed. Then she told me to hold my cock.

As the night progressed she gave me instructions on jerking off for her while grilling me about my sex life. This chick was dirty. Super dirty in the mind. I was shocked as shit by the stuff she spouted out of her mouth. At one point she wanted me to self suck for her!

When you want to watch free hardcore videos with the power to take you back in time I suggest you try Fap Lot!

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